Free & Almost Free Software, Hardware, Tools, Resources for Non-Profits

Social Capitale - Free and Almost Free Software, Hardware

Social Capitale – Free and Almost Free Software, Hardware

Why purchase software, hardware and other products at retail, when major companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, Salesforce.com just to name a few, are providing them either free or at heavy discounts for registered non-profits.  If you are a fully registered non-profit with your IRS 501 c3 qualification letter, your are eleigible to receive free software, hardware, tools products and other resources from a multitude of major recognized brands what are trying to help you be more successful.  We have compiled a list of the major offerings or portals.  We will continue to update this list with those major brands offering their brands for those in the non-profit sector.

Online Portal for Hardware, Software, Services, Information etc.

Techsoup.org is one-stop shopping for those in need of hardware such as computers, monitors, printers, servers and other type of electronic equipment.  Looking for the latest copy of Microsoft Office or Quickbooks?  This is the site to access.  For example, a one-user retail version of Quickbooks 2012 is listed at $399.95.  Become a registered non-profit organization at Techsoup.org and receive a three-user version of the same product for a mere $99.00.   Some of the other major favorite products include:

Hardware & Software
Filemaker Pro
Microsoft Office Suite
Symantec Antivirus
Windows XP Desktop
Window 7


Google Grants – Google Adwords is one of the foundations of Google’s advertising network (think the ads that I see throughout websites, “Sponsored By”).  Google offers up to $10,000 per month of free advertising via their ad network for nonprofit organizations.

Content Management Systems

WordPress – as of right now, wordpress is the CMS system of choice.

Joomla & Drupal – similar in nature to WordPress with additional complexity and flexibility.

Email Marketing

Vertical Response – If you’re a 501 (c) (3), this organization will allow you to send up to 10,000 emails per month…for free.  They also have tools available for you to more easily integrate with your facebook page.
Dreamhost – Offers “Announcement Lists”  which is just code for email marketing.

Email for the Enterprise

Google Apps – Google Apps for Business is Google’s online collaborative version of Microsoft Office Suite on steroids.  If is free for organizations with less than 3,000 users while offering a 40% discount for those organizations with more.  In addition, one of the critical steps most organizations must take is no longer sending emails from an ad-hoc email name such as thisismynonprofit@hotmail.com or thisismynonprofit@yahoo.com or thisismynonprofit@gmail.com.  Your correspondence should be sent from an email such as info@thisismynonprofit.com.  Google Apps allows this type of seamless integration.
Dreamhost – Obviously Dreamhost is providing quite a bit of punch with their webhosting service.  Email integration, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, Gmail is an added bonus.


Dreamhost – Offers a free shared hosting solution for non-profits.  Essentially all one needs to get started, unlimited email addresses, forwarding addresses, subdomains, etc.  Simply fax your copy of your US 501 (c) (3) designation letter and begin building your online presence.

Web Services

Flickr (by Yahoo) – a site maintained by Yahoo! for uploading, storing and sharing photos.  Feel free to read “How Nonprofits Can Get the Most out of Flickr” article to get started.  Be sure to gain insight on finding and using free photos via the creative commons license.

Google Checkout – In today’s world, online donations a critical.  You always want to make it easy for people to donate to your cause.  Thus you need an online donation processor.  If you’ve ever bought or donated something online, more often than not, you’ve notice the service charges added to the fee.  Google checkout waives these fees for qualifying non-profits.  To qualify, you must first apply for a Google Grant, which is also free.  Give yourself some time to obtain the grant status.

Wepay.com – Start collecting online with reduced fees.  This may be used in a manner similar as other Crowdfunding sites with its low 3.5% transaction fee.

Salesforce.com – One of the premier online customer relationship management tools.  As a qualified 501(c) (3), you will be able to obtain a 10 user license for free once you complete the paperwork.

If you know of any other products, please do not hesitate to share so that we can pass them on for others to leverage!

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