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Let’s face it, how can you promote your services if you can’t be found?  That was a rhetorical question…because the bottom line is, if you can’t be found on the internet not only are you losing potential clients, but more important, you’re jeopardizing your social capital.  How can you be good if I can’t find you?  How about an example.  If your business specializes in “public relations,” you need to make sure that when that client-to-be performs a web search on google or yahoo! or bing or what ever search engine of her choice, you want to be anywhere on that very first search results page at the very minimum!  Hopefully, your business has at least reached a certain critical mass  within the SEO community that has the alleged SEO sharks calling your office stating their ability to “get you to the top” of the internet search engine results pool organically (i.e. not having to pay to be in the ads section).  There is very little rationale for you to feed the sharks without first better understanding how your customers are attempting to find your services.  If you are paying for Adwords, I am most certain of the confusion you are pondering when the click-through bills continue to roll-out without realizing any tangible benefit in terms of potential new clients.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is part art and science that attempts to improve the visibility of your website in a search engine’s natural, unpaid, organic search results.  The more people that see your site, the higher probability that visitors, hopefully potential clients, will visit your site.

Top SEO Factors

Before we discuss the free SEO tools, as is the case with most offerings, getting to the top regardless of what tool you use, involves hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills refer to Excellent Content, Structured HTML and Sound Architecture.  Excellent Content refers to the quality of the content written, keywords referenced to the content written, alignment of the phrases and words potential visitors use that are in your content, “stay” once a visitor comes to your website and the freshness of the content on your website.  The Structured HTML that I’m referring to is related to the quality of the HTML tags, meta description tags, and headers as it relates to the content on the visited page.  Sound Architecture refers to the quality of the search engine’s ability to “crawl” your searchable pages, web browser’s speed to load your pages and the usefulness of the url to the content of that page.

Soft skills refer to your social capital.  Yes, this will never leave you.  Are the links Alive?  Is the content of your page Trustworthy and Authoritative?  Is the content of the page Personal?  Is the content of the page Socially Referenceable and Sharable?

Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

SEO Profiler – a complete dashboard to help facilitate website optimization, competitive intelligence, link building, keyword research as well as rank tracking and reports.  Various upgrades are offered ranging in cost from $19/month to $249/month.  Step-by-step guidelines are provided to help the novice and SEO professional.



Traffic Travis – Similar to SEO Profiler, the free version of Traffic Travis differs in several ways.  For starters, it isn’t web based but rather a desktop application.  However, for the beginner, it offers help for new webmasters.  Once the basics have been mastered, a professional version is offered…for a fee of course.

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