Free Lunch…Getting Rich at the Government’s Expense Like the Wealthiest American’s

There’s a book  written by NY Times journalist, David Kay Johnson, who has  more than thirty years of experience in the business, entitled “Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (and Stick You with the Bill).”  I don’t mean to provide inadequate praise for the book with my brief summary of it, but essentially, the book at its core suggests that if you aren’t making money off of the government, then your market of buyers  is largely diminished.  In other words, one of the largest buyers of goods and services is the government and if the government isn’t purchasing your goods, then to put it simply, you are missing out on one of the largest buyers of products and services in the world.

Barriers to Entry

Like most cycles in life, several exists in business as well.  Like circles of friendship, you must be validated.  The equivalence of this in the business  world, government or private, is certification.  Certifications validate who you are and what is “US” approved for purchase.  One of the most critical keys to success is making sure that you don’t allow anyone else to duplicate this product or service.  It’s part of Business 101 Principles – Barriers to Entry.  The Barriers to Entry principle is simple…Don’t allow anyone else in, ensure no competition so that you alone are the sole provider.  The veil of the barrier is masked in different planes with most accepted by society.  Trademarks, patents, memberships, trade licenses, leagues,  degrees just to name a few.

Putting Your Foot in the Door
There are basic credentials that must be obtained.  The scope of this article does not focus on the individual trade recognition that must be obtained.  For example, to practice real estate, one must at a minimum attain a real estate salesperson’s licence.  In that same vain, to oversee real estate salespersons at a particular location, one must attain a broker’s licence.
The focus of this article is to provide you with a basic blueprint of the certifications 0ne would want  to help fortify that barrier to entry, to increase your potential of getting a piece of the money pie.
The Certification List
There are multiple certifications.  At the very minimum, these are a few of those which should be pursued.
Women Owned Business Certification (WBE)
Minority Owned Business Certification (MBE)
Disadvantaged Business Certification (DBE)
8(a) Program Certification
Supplier Diversity & Public Procurement Services
Government Supplier Administration Schedule (GSA)

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