Effectively Branding Your Small Business

Brand positioning continues to be vital to any marketing platform. While watching the 2011 Superbowl this past February, you may have seen how Bud Light gives you the ability to fly! While this ad has little to do with the actual quality of the product, consumers respond to these advertisements because they resonate in the minds of their audience.

Building a position in the minds of customers is just as important as physically selling you products or service.  By doing this you are effectively associating and communicating the value of your business to the customer. This is not a process or campaign that should be completed once, seize every opportunity you have to communicate your message to your customer. To do this, create a list of every “touch point” – those instances where a customer interacts with something about your company – and review to see if it communicates your mission and goals. Touch points may be brochures, logos, sales calls, collateral materials, social media sites, etc. Remember, there should be a synergy and continuity between the messages communicated in each medium.

Consider these questions before moving forward:

  • Does your brochure build your brand around your customer’s needs and wants?
  • Does your logo and tagline communicate your values, goals and overall personality?
  • Are you embracing colors and images that support your personality in all your collateral materials?
  • In your sales calls, is your brand “voice” consistent with your customer’s wants and needs and are you consistent when presenting them?
  • Do your social networking sites focus on your company initiatives and what your brand does best?

At the heart of your brand is consistency. It’s the trust you build with your customer and it’s the sum of all points of contact that communicate the same message.

Branding has a large impact on the marketability of products/services and can impact sales performance. Good small business branding is all about delivering what you promised, when you promised it.  To do this, make sure your campaign speaks to reliability, responsiveness, delivery, and quality.  If you are careful and strategic in your branding strategies, we guarantee you tangible revenue rewards and customer loyalty. Now, enough talk, its time to take ACTION!

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