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What are your intentions for the new year?  Your new intentions are like the roots of a plant.  They set the foundation of everything you do.  If a plant has shallow roots, as it grows it will tip over and wither away.  When you have strong roots you can stand up to adversities and remain solid and grounded.

The part of the plant that comes out of the soil, the stalk, is like your goals and dreams.  They come from your intentions and the energy that you put into making them grow.

The weeds are like the toxic environments that try to prevent you from growing big and strong.  They are the toxins that stand in the way of your goals.

In this new year consider detoxifying your life so you can create strong roots and stalks.

Did you know that your body knows how to detoxify naturally to keep you healthy and vibrant?  If we start listening and looking for the cues that our body is sending to us, we can get rid of the weeds and we can restore health and energy back into our lives. Isn’t that what we ultimately want?

The detoxification process starts when you work on identifying the ways that toxic behaviors, foods and people, get into your house and your life when you are not paying attention.  It continues when we learn how to sweep our toxic behaviors, foods and people, right back out in healthy ways so the door to our body, our home, and our life can run efficiently, effectively and with enthusiastic energy and vigor for a vibrant life! Aren’t you ready to have a vibrant, energetic life?

Did you know in a few easy steps you can begin to change your life?
 It starts with looking at four areas of detoxification for our lives: Environmental, Physical, Mental, and Relational (in area of relationships).

  • Environmental detoxification happens when we think about our physical surrounding, our emotional environment, the work we do, and our social clubs or activities.
  • We are physically detoxifying with all the things we use our body for. As we make conscious and informed choices about what we eat, how we exercise or get enough sleep, we improve our detoxification processes.
  • When we mentally detoxify correctly we have creative thoughts, we know what our passions are, we are focused on our priorities, and we are excited about life and possibilities. We stop the worry and destructive thoughts that prevent us from achieving our highest goals.
  • Relational detoxification allows us to get rid of wasteful, toxic people that do not support us in getting to our goals and desires.

As we begin to think about all these areas of detoxification, our lives begin to transform.  It is a gift to understand how important these processes are.  It is a gift to know our natural process is to detoxify and create balance in our lives.

Are you ready to detoxify your life? Great you can download a podcast or take a class by going to Detoxify Your Life TeleClass See you there!

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Daemon Jones

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